If You Could Make Three Small Changes…

When teaching my cooking class today, the question was asked “if I could make three small changes after leaving here what would they be?”

My answer was try to eliminate, or at least reduce your intake of dairy and gluten and make your own dressings and marinades.

Gluten and dairy are the two most harmful food sensitivities. Many people don’t realize they have these hidden food sensitivities. They cause inflammation in the body, eventually leading to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the root of many diseases including; obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few.

Make your own marinades and dressings. The majority of commercial dressings and marinades are chockfull of high fructose corn syrup, processed oils (soybean, vegetable, canola), gums and fillers.


Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I am not a fan of gluten! With our guts not designed to break down the protein (gluten destroys the gut lining), eradicating it from your diet can be a simple yet effective way of curing IBS – fast! Present in wheat, barley, rye, oats and spelt, gluten pops up everywhere, including in bread, cereal, pasta, sauces, crackers, cakes, pastries, tortillas and beer, amongst other foods. When removing gluten from your diet to help reduce IBS therefore, it is critical to ascertain exactly what items need to be avoided in order to give your gut the true break it deserves.