Going in with a Clean Slate

The idea of going to a new restaurant the week that they open is exciting because you get to be one of the first ones to review it and make your own opinions without any preconceived notions. Restaurant reviewers, such as Yelp, can put you in a certain mindset about how you should feel about a restaurant before you even step through the doors and try the food yourself. That’s why I was eager to try a new restaurant that opened in our area because I was going into it with no opinions from friends, no harsh comments from yelp, and no idea what to expect… just a clean slate.

The whole concept of the restaurant was amazing: a sustainable gastro-pub and brewery where they made their own beers and had a greenhouse that supplied all of their herbs and greens. The atmosphere and appearance of the place was amazing as well and had refurbished oak barrels for decoration among other unique furnishings. All in all, my expectations were high, but I was sadly disappointed. I wanted to order a salad considering their greens were grown themselves and would be high-quality and fresh. However, when my salad was delivered, it was basically a slab of salmon on the side of a skimpy bowl of greens. There were a few other ingredients mixed in, but they were either hiding at the bottom, or just very little was supplied in the first place. Presentation is important at a restaurant, and the lack of toppings that could’ve made the salad appear tastier was another con to add to the list. The dressing lacked flavor, and considering how a dressing can make or break a salad, this was a major factor in my overall enjoyment of the meal. The beer I ordered was good, but the high price was definitely not worth it.

All in all, $17 for a skimpy salad that lacked flavor, and $8.50 for an decent beer was much too high. I really want this new restaurant to succeed because the concept is cutting-edge. They just need a high caliber chef to go along with the high caliber image and prices of the restaurant. I hope they can step up their game and tweak a few things to be more successful in the future.