10-Day Detox

My daughter and I just finished a 10-Day Detox for the second time. We loved the results our first time around and wanted to give it a second go to see if anything changed. The first time we did the detox a year ago, it was a big lifestyle change from what we were typically used to. Not that we didn’t eat relatively healthy before, we just weren’t as familiar and knowledgeable about what we should be eating in comparison to now. During our first detox, the first couple of days were tough and we felt as though we had significantly less energy. The sugar and caffeine withdrawals were apparent, and both my daughter and I experienced headaches and some fatigue.

However, as the week progressed our bodies got used to the detox, and we finally realized how good our bodies could feel when you give it the nutrients it’s actually craving. Not only did we lose weight, our sleep was better, our skin shined brighter, our fog brain was eliminated, and we felt energized and happier. When we went to reintroduce foods back into our diets such as dairy and gluten, we realized the intolerance our bodies had to them. We went from whole milk to almond milk, mashed potatoes, to cauliflower mash and our bodies thanked us for it. We didn’t stick to the detox strictly after the 10 days, but we did make small changes that have a lasting impact. The second round of the detox went a lot smoother for us, especially considering the dietary changes we were making weren’t a big leap from our normal diet. We just had to remember to cut out certain carbs, any added sugar in little sweets and treats, and no more wine at night (which was tough).

All in all, our mood swings and edginess were minimal the second time around, but it was a nice reset and made us feel great again.